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Small Circle Monogram Pendant Necklace

Showcase your own initials in a fun and chic way with this small circle monogram pendant necklace! It is available in sterling silver, 18k gold plating and 18k rose gold plating. As beautiful and dainty as this monogrammed pendant necklace, it is perfect for yourself or someone you know loves monogram items. The pendant is around the size of a dime, making it the perfect personalized jewelry item for those looking for a more subtle statement necklace. You can choose 3 initials to be personalized in fancy monogram font.
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Monogram Pendant Necklace

A monogram necklace can be described to be a personalized necklace that has initials engraved on its pendant and is made of precious metals that are shaped into letters which form the monograms. It can also be in the form of plate type pendants or laser engraved necklaces. Monogram necklaces come in various styles and qualities of which they are made from different types of materials like gold, platinum, copper, nickel, etc.

A monogram is said to be a motif from a combination of two letters or more which are usually from a person, group or organization's initials. Monograms have been used for centuries in personalizing things to show some sort of connection to a country, city or religion.
They are very good to present as gifts and can be worn for almost any occasion, be it formal or casual. The necklaces and pendants could be subtle or flashy, making them very versatile with ladies selecting to wear them to work, a party, the club or just a street wear. One important thing to note i…

Monogrammed Bracelets Gift Idea for Him

There are several types of custom monogrammed bracelets that are sold online and you would certainly see the one that matches your taste. They come in different forms, sizes, shapes and made from various materials.
These bracelets can serve as gifts to loved ones, family members such as mothers, sisters, wives, etc., friends or even yourself. Whichever type you choose, the monogram expresses a lot about how you handle fashion.
Below are a few monogrammed bracelets that you could pick from, ensure to take the time to know about them before purchasing any of them so as to avoid issues:

1. Monogram Cuff Bracelet This is a lovely brown fully leather monogram cuff bracelet which can be either 3 letter or single initial depending on your choice of font and color. It comes in 2 sizes: 2"x 9" cuff for wrists of 6.75-8" and 2"x 10" for wrists of 7¾ - 8¾" with each cuff having 2 sets of silver snaps to adjust itself. It should be noted that the leather cuff is natu…